Personality and Traits: Edit

Zersenos has a hair-trigger temper, and could be mad over anything. As for anything else? He is a supremacist and is Xenophobic. He hates all transformers that do not transform into Jet modes and respects all who do. As for his endgame? He wants to conquer every planet and squash every and any resistance movement, sewing the planets into a mighty Empire under his iron boot. Zersenos has a hatred for anything Organic and wants to replace it all with technology. Zersenos is a fascist dictator through-and-through and very proud of it. Zersenos is also very resilient.

Zersenos has no allies. Zersenos needs no allies, or friends, or buddies as they would all be relentlessly (and mercilessly) hunted and gunned down like what Mao and Stalin did in their respective eras.

As for leadership? He hates Elyoria with a passion and would like to see her dead, no if's, but's, or anything else. He also accepts no substitutions.

Zersenos is very sane though and would kill the Insane or anything considered not to be perfect by his Spartan-esque standards.

Zersenos is ambidextrous.

Colorscheme: Edit

Red and Black. (Yes, more red-and-black Transformers.)

Altmode(s): Edit

His altmode is an increasingly advanced and futuristic Jet.

Weaponry: Edit

Zersenos is smart, very smart. He could use anything as a weapon. One of his favorite weapons that he made was his Pulse gun. It sends shock waves at the object in its crosshairs, then melts it down and the atoms that made it all up. He has other weapons like a sensible person would.

Allegiance: Edit


Quotes: Edit

"Hopefully, he will never become leader. I had enough to deal with for once. Elyoria is a far chiller leader than he." ~ Jazzimus.

History: Edit

Can't think of a history for him.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


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