Yugoslavia was puppeted in a bid by Americana to unite the Slavs, since they were also Slavic. They also have had enough of Communist countries and didn't want to be a part of Norland(ia) since the USSR also fell in this universe. (Then became Democratic Russia, then DR wanted to unite with the slowly-becoming-powerful-again Republic.)

Americana let the Puppets have atleast some free reign, but with Yugoslavia, it basically mirrored Americana and also had a Green, White and Blue flag. This one'd have a different pattern.

As Lovania was slowly falling in the Cold War,due to not being able to keep up with Asia and Americana, they tried to have another proxy war over Kosovo, but their military was also crumbling. This would've led to an Isolationist Lovania, and Lovania would boot itself out of the Axis. Zovania and Norland would ask Romania to become an Axis power, but they would decline since they were still Neutral and didn't want anything to do with war in this century.

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