Specialties: Edit

Savant when it comes to tech.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobot (formerly), now an Exile.

Altmode(s): Edit

Woolly Mammoth.

Colorscheme: Edit

Turquoise and black (Camo style)

Weaponry: Edit

A sniper rifle, and a rifle. She also uses a machete and cutlass for melee.

Gender: Edit


Allies: Edit

History: Edit

The Autobots of Jazzimus and Decepticons of Elyoria would go into a short peace, seeing as they made good partners teaming up against numerous enemies. The other Autobots and Decepticons, for them, it would be the opposite as their peace was ending.

This led to the Exiles fighting the 'Savages', seeing both sides were distracted.

They had a long battle, which led to many Mackerelcons dying, and Floofh, Dinobot critically injured.

His friend, Wingzer would've died.

Goldflip would've been divided, as she now proclaimed herself an Autobot, but sees her Savagicon brethren dying to ex-Autobots and Decepticons. She would be fighting the Dashbot menace and the Cybertronians, not wanting the group to become relevant again.

Optics: Edit


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