Altmode(s): Edit

Massage chair.

(y'know, those chairs you'd see in the malls.)

Allegiance: Edit

Conflicted. (though had to mark her as an Autobot)

Optics: Edit


Minions: Edit

She came to use Shock overtime.

Abilities: Edit

Ice powers.

She also has a storage pocket built into her chest, like Swindle's. (Not Swindler's, he doesn't have that, only Swindle does)

Colorscheme: Edit

Purple, Yellow,Blue, and Black.

Weaponry: Edit

Staffs, batons, and a long rifle. (though other weapons, she has.)

History: Edit

She lived inside of the crashed Warship for most of TF-A, untouched and unbothered by the War or anything else. She had renovated the inside, but had kept most of the weaponry and weapons systems the ship had.

The security systems had almost killed Shock, but luckily, she repaired him and the two had gotten along.

She had made many a diary and journal on being lone in the ship. (and also btm'd to 10/10 pnor.)

Specialties: Edit

Various overtime.

Behind The Scenes: Edit

Her favorite color is Purple. (and every shade.)

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