Vesturah is all about pretending and fooling. She is not that loyal to either Autobots nor Decepticons and switches out sides on a whim. She transforms into an Armadillo and has a pretender shell.

Vesturah is benign and takes the side of Good no matter what faction she is on.

(Not my first, if you remember Salerahi on the other wiki, that and the 'Ahsoka Tano' mistake that I made were trash. (I try not to remember that when I made a dead Decepticon and then another 'Ahsoka Tano' article but with her being a memory but reusing the picture for another Cybertronian. Just reminds me of Homura and her sister and then I reused another pic for Shebumper..))

She would make a good spy, though she loves to be seen killing her enemies (whoever they are) with her two double-barreled blasters,the blades that are built in her frame, hand-to-hand combat and is very nervous and unsure with the idea of being a spy.

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