Altmode(s): Edit


Minions: Edit

She always has a small bird-like minion that sits on her shoulder at almost-all times. The bird is female and always heals Verse and also does other stuff.

This is the only minion Verse has, and it is nameless. The bird-like minion can come out of a compartment in her robot mode.

Allegiance: Edit

Somewhat an Ally to the Autobots though neutral. She, herself, used to be both an Autobot and a Decepticon at a time but betrayed both factions.

Colorscheme: Edit

Black in robot mode and also light green and sand yellow.

Weaponry: Edit

She wields two breaker swords, and also a pistol. Hey, any weapon is deadly in her hands. She also has more weapons.

(Bringing Breaker swords back since Cosmos and Jazzimus)

Gender: Edit

Verse is Female.

Specialties: Edit

Spying, also War Photographer. Verse is a Slogist. She documents the horrors of war and takes pictures of ripped-apart corpses.

Optics: Edit


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