"Atleast I can relate to Mirage.. but sometimes, I feel like I'm the only fembot in the world."

History: Edit

Veil was created with the other Aerialbots, Air Raid, Slingshot, Interchangeable Limb 3, Interchangeable Limb 4, and Silverbolt. Her only nemesis was Slipscream. (not 'stream', returning to the way I spelled her name as it was fine in my headcanon.)

She formed Superion's breastplate (like Blackjack did). She actually kept her Cybertronian altmode and didn't scan an Earth jet.

Veil was very saddened to see Optimus die, but was happy to see Jazz become leader. She was seen alongside the new Autobots in season 3 against Galvatron. Around the period of season 3, she would've (also) served as the guardian for Melissa Faireborn.

Occasional allies: Edit

  • The entire group of Female Autobots.
  • Arcee.
  • Paradron Drones (Off-screen).
  • Bumblebee.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

I mostly like to work with Seasons 1 and 2 as 3 and 4 of G1 were sad as hell.

Veil would've been behind Reflector's death in the first movie. (TTF:TM)

Veil would've been the only Autobot to mess with Dark Energon, creating her iconic Axe.

She also had fought Katana in the movie.

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