"You shall die and meet your fates in a plane of brimstones and fury. Your beliefs are irrelevant. You Maximals are the real terror."

History: Edit

He is a micromaster, and due to his small stature he has 'Napoleon Bonaparte syndrome' which means that he's very volatile and explosive. He's the most radical out of the radicals. When he was a mere protoform, he subscribed to Jackal's ideals. Jackal was a noteworthy preacher, as he didn't really preach love and peace but preached a load of violence and pain and brutality and that's why he's now a Predacon.

He and Starscream work together and due to "Project: Mini-Con", he can give Starscream abilities 'only a lesser being would desire'. He can link himself to 'Screamer's core and strengthen it so that if an enemy tried slashing and putting their blade there, it'd be futile. Or the same thing with a gun as the link would block their blasts or shots and just make it ricochet until it hits something else, or the individual who fired.

He and Fireblade participated in a terrorist attack very recently.

Altmode(s): Edit

He transforms into a turret piece.

Colorscheme: Edit

Red, Green and Black with some gray.

Weaponry: Edit

He would rather use strategies and the belief of 'mind over matter' than a gun or sword.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Predacons, Evil.

Personality and traits: Edit

Besides having Napoleon syndrome and being a radical, he is the scheming and calculating sort. It'd make sense for him and Starscream to work together, really.

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