I am recalling from my times when I played this MMORPG called 'Fairytail' and I was this big-ass Black Knight in pitch black armor, and wielded a sword-and-shield (or just a grandsword, sometimes dual-wielded). Just, this character has a horse and I made up some stuff. Just did this because I didn't want to do countries forever, or joke countries.

History/Semi-tall tale: Edit

There was a tale of this knight that wandered around the plains, the Arabic deserts, the snowy East and the corny side.

He rode on a black horse (maybe a stallion) and was ever-silent, except when he was preforming quests. He loved to do quests, but he also loved to slay things. The plebeian folk were scared of him, since he had sometimes worked with dangerous Evil, and questionable sources.

That's why he was a 'Black knight', as he was morally questionable.

White knights were very into heroics, saving damsels, but he was an anti-hero.

Of course he saved damsels and princesses, but also raped and looted around. In Asia, they were scared of him. A rumor was that he ate kids. But that was only to scare-straight misbehaving children. The Vikings of Scandinavia liked these legends of this knight, but also were very fearful of him. He also worked with the Crusaders and the Catholic Church, but against a few witches and Muslim marauders.

He wasn't just a knight, but he knew a few spells of his own from when he met some mages and healers. He knew only just that, not alchemy or the greater sorcery. He was afraid to step deeper into the Dark Arts, though he had only dabbled in it. He didn't want to 'sell his soul'.

The tale didn't expand to the Native Americans, but it later would due to some European explorers telling the myth.

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