Personality and traits: Edit

She doesn't care about brute force, but only cares about skill, speed, and smarts. She isn't much of a talker, and like Wing from New Beginnings, really thinks actions really matter.

She shows no remorse to the Decepticons simply because she's very,very tired of seeing the innocents suffer and die. She doesn't care if there's Decepticons that regret what they did, she'll still kill them.

She isn't loyal to any particular one, but merely subscribes to the Autobots' ideologies though.

Weaponry: Edit

Just a bow.

Colorscheme: Edit

Basically Blurr but with a red stripe.

History: Edit

Jazzimus kinda agreed with Ultimate, but thought that she sounded a bit like an extremist. She and Jazz would fight Sky-Byte and Elyoria, with Jazzimus using the warhammer and swinging Sky-Byte into the ocean.

She and Advanti would fight, with Ultimate Victorian winning and fatally wounding the Medic Reaper.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

Altmode(s): Edit

Ford Mustang.

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