The last spangle in this world of democracies, fascist states, communist-socialist regimes and surviving Theocracies and Kingdoms. Troy is made up of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Belelux,Belgium and Vatican City. Troy's flag is a blue background with something written in Latin and two swords crossed. It kinda looks like Saudi Arabia's flag.

What is a 'spangle'? Edit

I made it up. It is unknown. I just chose the word 'spangle' as it sounds funny. I like to name characters and stuff after funny-sounding words, like Splurge. And yes, I know what some of them mean.

A spangle is basically someone ordering 'a little bit of everything' at a buffet place. Its culture is linked to its government type and its culture stems from the old Medieval and Colonial days, the days when Americana was an aspiring power and it had Pheonix Empire and Colonist Egypt as an ally. Troy latches onto the time where it was a small country since they like the biblical tale of David Versus Goliath. Also, it was a Christian state but one where the Catholic Church was universally hated and a place that accepted Science and other religions.

Technology: Edit

Troy had faced hard times in the following centuries, but its old allies such as Ires and Francia had helped it by giving it newer technology and some tech that's not considered 'new' anymore in the Twenty-third century such as the Internet. Troy is one of the few countries that still use (old-fashioned/old-school) swords, spears and almost every anachronistic weapon one could think of.

Autonomous regions: Edit

Dutch regions: Edit

  • Flanders and Wallonia. Troy allows them to have their own flags, and their own cultures and sub-cultures like the Gothic/Emo and Scene.

Allies: Edit

Old allies: Edit

As said, Ires and Francia.

New allies: Edit

Enemies: Edit

Old Enemies: Edit

The British Empire of old. It doesn't hate British Argentinian Dominion anymore, and relations have improved but it'd rather work with old enemies against his new ones. It also hated Romania because of the same reasons that Americana had.

New Enemies: Edit

The entire Axis.

Groups: Edit

It used to be in numerous organizations, but now just Allies.

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