Bruticus (as always) is made up of Five (or Four, in Kre-O's case) Combaticons.

  • (Tropical) Onslaught ~ Leader, obviously.
  • (Tropical) Blastoff
  • (Tropical) Vortex
  • (Tropical) Brawl
  • (Tropical) Swindle

But wait, you might be asking why is he called "Tropical Bruticus"?

He's called that because he looks like something out of the Bored Fish Era (or G2) with his NEON colorscheme and a bunch of Hawaiian flowers all over.

(Psst, his limbs and Autobot Alonia's limbs could theoretically be switched around into Tropialonicus.)

Traits: Edit

Is a dumb brute who yells "BRUTICUS!" over and over like he did in G1.

He's a dumb brute because Onslaught couldn't control him (and he's the Tactical guy...)

He smashes everything in his way, and could be a good weapon for Thomastrain, who recently took up a Leading position of the Decepticons in this Realm.. Universe.. thing.