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Some Sort Of Offroading Vehicle.

History: Edit

Triaxus was the leader of Cybertron at some point in time (before the Wars. I don't even use Great War because I have had many wars happen in my canon ((like all of those Beast Wars))) He was such a revered figure (not like last time on the Transfanon when I thought revered was another synonym for 'hated') and people swore by his name. He had used many relics during his Megacycle and it was ironic when his arm became a relic. Not to mention being wielded by the last Prime.

Triaxis' (yes, his name has multiple spellings) body (except his arm, Jazz still used it alongside all his other weapons he collected over millennia.) was later 'buried' in a Junkion 'graveyard', which actually was another landfill. His corpse would be disrespected by Flashbee spray-painting graffiti. And later, Jazzimus 'correcting' him for it and cleaning the graffiti off his corpse.

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