Felt like doing this because I didn't want you guys to think I went into a hiatus like I did on the SWFanon.

Characters: Edit

Autobots: Edit

  • Jazzimus Prime
  • Primbee (wouldn't use Flashbee in this version)
  • Primal
  • Clinker
  • Ironbulk (wouldn't use Cannontrot either)
  • Ratchet (cameo, only in her altmode)

Decepticons: Edit

  • Drillbit
  • Aerialtwin
  • Warpath (Yes, my second Warpath on the Transfanon was a Decepticon in TNB and not just this one, also in place of Brawl)
  • Tailstrike
  • Copbot
  • Lunge (in place of Scorponok)
  • Doc (in place of Blackout)
  • Riverwarp (in place of Bonecrusher)

Other Characters: Edit

MacGuffin Mutations: Edit

(yes, I'm using all decepticons in place of Allspark Mutations and Acidtron makes sense in place of Dispensor.)

Humans: Edit

  • Random members of the Americanian Military
  • Random members of Americanian Government
  • Random members of Americanian Intelligence
  • Insert whiny character here
  • Insert whiny character here's girlfriend
  • Insert whiny character here's family
  • Random characters.

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