Altmode(s): Edit

Bulldozer, and also a monster truck.

Weaponry: Edit

Her main weapon (or the weapon she is mostly seen with) is a pistol, though she is also known to use hammers (and doesn't mind using other weapons)

Gender: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Pre-war, her job was to destroy old and run-down buildings.

She loved that role, and had many roles based around Destruction.

When she had came to Earth for the first time, she scanned a monster truck and that's when she started loving Demolition Derbies.

Besides simply destroying things, she can also be a body/security guard and a brawler.

Colorscheme: Edit

Blue and White with some Black (basically Estonia-colored.) She changed her colorschemes alot, and at one time was a Constructicon.

Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Autobots,Good. (in a universe, she basically is a turncoat and was in every faction one could name.)

History: Edit

She and Angela'd fight Pirahnacon,Copbot and Soundwave.

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