Behind the Scenes: Edit

Based off of both Astrotrain and Thomas the Train.

(I am doing like what I did to Barney the Dinobot, and Bob the Constructicon.)

Color Scheme: Edit

Mainly blue.

Weaponry: Edit

Various rifles that had different powers, like Friction rifles, etc.

Specialties: Edit

Decepticon Rifleman, Decepticon carrier (when Long Haul isn't around)

History: Edit

He somehow got into the mixedbag universe, which isn't rare for people like him (random Vehicons and Autobots got into it too). He protested why he had to carry stuff with SJWstorm, when she was doing all of those Feminist marches and protests and calling things racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. He encountered the Rescue bots, but thought they were the Protectobots.

He then created a new Decepticon group, out of all of the Decepticons that found theirselves there, in a random, ever-changing world. He got bored because Jazzimus wasn't there, so he had no one to lose to. (or so he thought) Every superhero(and heroine) that had ever existed united in a single group to fight off the Decepticons who were constantly winning, conquering, killing, and taking all of the energy. He saw the 'protectobots' again, and yelled at them. "COMBINE INTO DEFENSOR YOU PUNKS!"

He then got into a fit of madness (like Galvatron), and started yelling out a bunch of God and goddess names.

"THANOS! UNICRON! SASHA!" Webworld was reenacted, and all of his followers brought him to a psychiatric planet.

Aliases/Titles/Nicknames: Edit

"Loco", "Astrotrain's uncle", "great emperor-conqueror-warrior"

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, Evil (actual).

Altmode: Edit

Train. (many different types)

Gender: Edit




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