I actually liked him as the WH person.. (Forgot what it was, but basically the same thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders does) I don't like how the Trump Admin always replaces people behind the scenes. Democrats didn't even do that. I don't have much against Trump (that's why I sound like I'm biased when I'm not, I know what I'm talking about.) and I like it like that as I don't want to have the same similarities as the Democrats and the Dump Trumpers.

Besides Immigration and the Korean War, I think we don't have that many problems as we did when we were stuck with Obummer. ISIS is almost gone, and M.East is willing to work with us. (Also there's a cold war in the Middle East, which is a thing that I never knew of or thought that it could be possible.)

Another thing they need to do is strengthen the infrastructure and help around in the fucking cities. (Not just Gentrification but.. Imma sound like a commie for this, but actually help the poor instead of helping the sick,etc and getting stacks upon stacks of dollar bills. You could be happy in a ugly-ass city. Also help the cities and help with populations. Where I live(Earthside), there's not so much people here and our neighbors suck ass since they're not the friendliest of human beings.)

Also end the gang war stuff in Chicago. I heard Trump was working on that, but I don't ever hear PROGRESS. I don't want to hear about Russia all of the time, I want to hear about what the Prez did and what he's trying to do.

I agree alot with him, except when it came to religious laws. As said, I'm an Atheist and I think countries should be less restrictive on other Atheists and people that are Agnostic and Irreligious. We have so many closet atheists due to all of these christians trying to go in hype mode and want this scam to continue all the way to the end of Time. We also have Muslims beheading people because they're Jews, or they looked at them the wrong way.

Also, all of that pagan shit (Satanism, not the New Age stuff) just weirds me out and weirded others out. I am basically doing Sasha Fierce stuff because it kinda inspired me, but also because I wanted to finish what I started with Primal the Great and Him.

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