A group of former Decepticons and Autobots who somewhat despise both. (though they are willing to work with the Autobots) They use a mix of Decepticon and Autobot tech and somewhat opposed the Savagicons as The Exiles saw them as a future threat.

They see the decepticons as Warmongerers and the Autobots as too weak.

They saw the Autobots as a party that was too liberal, and they now see the Average Autobot as bullies, cowards, and murderers, just like how they see the Decepticons also as ruthless savages that have mental issues. - They know no love, or remorse. They only know violence, tyranny and are pseudo-fascists. They are very deceitful and would lie even when they won't get in trouble.

This is why they accepted Sil in their ranks, and would work together with the Testorioncons, simply because they (the Exiles) were mocked and shamed, too.

They try to keep their group short, and use covert tactics so that they don't get figured out for exactly what they are.

Main members consist of:

  • Emserah
  • A few unknown members (they'll be created later, I'm too lazy to do it all now.)

Secondaries consist of:

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