Taijikistan is made up of Africa, the Middle East, and most of Asia. (If this were a real bonafide article, Asia's government probably would've fled to Taiwan or something.. Maybe its puppet?) Yes, it's a Stan.. (A stan made up of other 'stans..)

Religions and Ideologies: Edit

30% Atheist (Kinda like how I kinda made the Atheist League a real thing..)

20% Islamic (Not Shia or Sunni, but wanting to reform Islam and make it like Christianity a bit ((like instead of saying 'Kill the infidel' there, they'd say nice stuff about how you're supposed to love your neighbor and stuff..).)

10% Jewish

6% Christian (Including the Catholic Church but not the Jehovah's Witnesses as I don't really see them as Christian. They don't exist in this realm but anything can happen in a Joke article...)

6% Buddhist

3% Satanist (Including other Pagan stuff, probably, or that would go in 'Other')

1% Irreligious

4% Jainism

20% Other. (Including Taoism and other Asian beliefs.)

Puppets: Edit

  • Madagascar.
  • South Japan. (North is its own country supported by Americana, basically like a N.Korea, S.Korea situation, or Vietnam's situation..)

Allies: Edit

(There is no Zovania.)

Languages: Edit

  • English
  • Some mix of some things from Arabic and other M.Eastern languages and a mix of Chinese and other Asian languages.
  • French. (Most of the African part speaks it..)

Flag: Edit

Green, Purple and Orange with a crescent and sun (since it's Asian and Asian countries have suns on their flags.) on it. Also a Beige stripe.

Flag's not supposed to be at half-mast (or even flipped upside-down for that matter) and is supposed to be raised all the way up all the time. Also, it's not supposed to be on the ground or floor either.

Their other flag was basically re-purposed Turkey's. (I'm doing stuff with colorful flags..)

Government style: Edit

Unofficially an Empire, since it doesn't really have 'Empire' in its name, or acts like one. They're also very secularist and nationalist, but can't really be isolationist. They're also conservative, as Conservatism is rising there.

It also wants Asia to return to Dynasties instead of Democracies or Empires though that's kinda ironic since I said they're unofficially one.

Trade: Edit

They trade with Americana since they and New Lovania dominate the trading field.

Enemies: Edit

  • Numerous terrorist organizations and cults that are also deemed such.
  • South American rebels (They're also fighting in the Southern Offensive Campaign.)
  • Neo-Nazis and other racist groups.
  • They see Americana as a frenemy due to how the tensions are with Norland and Lovania, also with how Americana was a rising threat way back then when they were allies with Egypt and Phoenix Empire.

Groups: Edit

They're neither in Axis or Allies, since they're forcibly neutral and don't want war with Americana, but also don't want to help them either.

They're in economic groups with Americana and Norland, though.

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