Switzerland finally gets off of its ass and does something interesting for once instead of perpetually being Neutralist.

They got threatened by Russia, which was the USSR at the time and finally invaded the whole damned thing. Texas had helped them, but by endlessly supplying them. They changed ideologies and went Centrist but with a bit of old-fashioned Imperialism returning. They changed alot, but felt threatened by the commies in Kazakhstan. (Damn, that name's hard to spell.) Chechnya (another country that's freaking hard as hell to spell.) went communist, leading the Swiss to straight-up annex it. As the Swiss Empire became a regional power against all odds, it allied with The Philippines and Isreal.

LSNF had this red old-fashioned phone that they could only call Swiss with, basically like in real life with USA and Russia Federation. The Cajun commies tried calling the Swiss Empire, but they didn't answer their calls and assumed only the worst. Then you had basically their equivalent of the DPRK (North Korea) in South America which kept saying they were gonna bomb Austin (Austin's the capitol, not Dallas here but like in real life, it's the only Liberal part.) and stuff. Swiss Empire had ignored China (Which is also communist in this series but is just called Qing or 'Chinese State') and most of the other Asian countries.

Its composed up of:

  • Entire Scandinavia
  • Russia
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Obviously Switzerland.

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