Abilities and Weaponry: Edit

He has the ability to manipulate water in all of its forms. (Ability)

He has two shields on his wrists. (Weaponry)

He has a pretender shell (in the form of a Giant), which combined with the shields make him well-armored. (Weaponry)

He dual-wields two Accelerator Cannons which accelerate time in any object, which can be used to make his enemies brittle. (Weaponry)

Along with his cannons, he also wields a Goo and Slime Rifle. (Weaponry)

For close-combat weapons, he wields a dagger and a normal ray-gun. (weaponry)

Allegiance: Edit

A bit of a turncoat. He sometimes serves the Decepticons, but later the Autobots.

Altmode(s): Edit

Pickup Truck. (had to give him AN altmode although he isn't really seen as it that much. (which is a pseudo-excuse of saying I didn't know what his altmode was gonna be.)

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Blue and Bronze.

Specialties: Edit

No real specialty, but he is good at being a big wall to tire out the enemy forces.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

I like the idea that he takes parts of history (and fairytales) with him being a giant, but also a warrior, berserker, knight, samurai, etc.

I like his name even more than the History thing, because... Water.

Nemeses: Edit

  • Windflow. Even if he's a Decepticon, he'll always hate her as he has an intense rivalry with her that goes back eons.

Allies: Edit

Despite using different elements (though Infernox uses flamethrowers), these two get along and are close allies although Stream is stoic and hides all emotion (trying not to look weak and to go along with all of the rumors that built him up as a dangerous warrior, etc.)

To them, he has no allies or nemeses and attacks everything with no bias.

History: Edit

Streamwave and Jazzimus Prime fought, leaving Jazzimus fatally wounded and going into a coma on Junk.

Some long time later, Jazzimus escapes his coma, using the somewhat-damaged Matrix of Leadership to heal himself, then scanning a Junkion truck. As Streamwave used his Accelerator Cannons, Jazzimus was somewhat brittle, his body aging and just slept in stasis alot until someone would come across his dying, slimy, brittle, husk that had most of his wounds covered by goo and Ice. Later, Wreck-Gar and 50 Medidrones would heal him, and Jazz would practice in the hopes that he could take down Streamwave. Streamwave fought Dark Controller, and later joined the Autobots again, apologizing to Jazzimus though Jazz was still bitter over it and sparred, beating the Water Elemental.

Stream and Jazz would fight Thomastrain and Elyoria but cease after Tropical Bruticus got involved.

Stream would face Shivanah-Ko and defeat her.

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