Behind the Scenes: Edit

There are numerous Decepticon jetformers named Stratus (for some reason), but this one's an Autobot.

Altmode(s): Edit

VTOL Jet, amongst numerous jet modes he had. (I remember one of the stratuses being a VTOL, so lmao.)

Colorscheme: Edit

Blue and White... (reminds me of that French seeker I made..)

Allegiance: Edit

Many allegiances in the past, though mainly an Autobot and Good. Being also a former Seeker of both Starscream's, the Autobot Seekers, and those Decepticon Seekers of 2037. He also was in the Airforce and the Aerialbots, with Veil.

He was in the Centrus Magnus (but some still count him as one) and is a Futuron.

Gender: Edit

Male, but in some of universes, he's female. (and this stratus had merged w/ them.. so..)

Weaponry: Edit

Strafe Pistols. Those're his favorite weapons as he is quick on the draw with them. Sometimes he uses two blades, or two axes. When he was forced to fight in Unicron's arena, he used a makeshift battleaxe he made himself. He also wielded two rifles.

At one time, he wielded the Matrix of Leadership as a weapon. He also used crowbars and null rays before, in Seeker fashion.

Appearance: Edit

Conehead body. He has changed his body and colorscheme many times, though, so..

Optics: Edit

Light green, sometimes blue.

Specialties: Edit

He has did many things over his megacycle.

History: Edit

He and Killstreak confronted Balintine, using his skills with his Strafe Pistols to quickdraw, and disarm her, shooting her in her hands. The entire Centrus Magnus came, and surrounded her in the alley, with Jazzimus having the pleasure of whipping her and then beheading her.

He also suffered from amnesia, so he can't remember events before Transformers-A too well, like Jazzimus can. (although he had an amnesia experience too and had many numerous times.)

The two amnesiacs would tag-team and fight Vera, with Jazzimus slicing her arm off with his axe, then killing the Seeker. Stratus felt happy and sad. Happy that the Seeker was brought to Justice, but sad that he also had to see another Seeker die off.

He'd then fight Warpath alongside Revonitus Prime and Brightlight. Jazzimus commed him and asked him to help 'detain' Circuit Wave, he saying yes. After critically wounding the red Fembot, they'd fight the Insecticon, then cuffing her as Strat meant 'detain' as in detain, not 'kill'. Jazzimus would actually slam his blade in her chest, using Osama Bin Laden logic that if they detained Elyoria, they'd actually have to KILL her instead of imprisoning her and using her as a War Prisoner and as bait like they did to Unknown/Cataclyst way back.

Jazzimus would say:"Knowing you were a former Elite Guard, I thought you'd know." The seeker'd laugh, not expecting him to bring that up, then say:"We're both amnesiacs.. heh."

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