Altmode(s): Edit

Steering transformed into some sort of Pickup truck.

Weaponry: Edit

Steering used two swords, and sometimes used hand-to-hand combat and martial arts.

Appearance: Edit

His body (except his head) made him look like a Samurai.

Allegiance: Edit

Good, Autobots.

Allies: Edit

U-Turn and Mercuryfist, Brightlight, Targetmaster, Plate, Optimus.

Enemies: Edit

Known decepticons such as:

Also the Safetycons.

History: Edit

He and the members of Optimus' group started to hate the Tropical Combaticons more and more after fighting them, and then found out from U-Turn that Loco was the leader of these new Decepticons. They then came across Kirbycron and then the Safetycons. After Optimus came back and told the group that they had more Autobots like Hardstone and Alonia and the unnamed team. He also said there was a Feminist Seeker. Steering went loner, and roamed around, but then got attacked by a Green and Blue seeker. Steering was so injured, it offlined him. Plate found his body, and discarded her human-like appearance and used everything possible to bring Steering back to the others.

The other Autobots found him, and put his body on a life-support like device. Steering was restored, seeing as he didn't really die. The first thing he did was get revenge, and fight the Blue and Green seeker. The seeker died, and Steering transformed and drove off. Tropical Vortex saw him, and shot down at him. Vortex transformed, and shot at him. Steering sliced at the Combaticon, then transformed and drove off, back to base.

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Optics: Edit