Personality and Traits: Edit

Splooge embodies the 'Artist' and Bob Ross archetype. He just wants to paint but he has to fight, fight fight all day with those overly loud and annoying crowd of Decepticons.

Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of Car.

Weaponry: Edit

Two blades.

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, Good. He's not a bad guy who wants to take over the world, as most of them aren't. Even Elyoria doesn't want Earth.

History: Edit

Splooge and Sky-Byte fought Jessanica also with Elvoria.

Optics: Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

Splooge is very different from Splurge. (had to say, as their names sound alike.)

Specialties: Edit

Artist of the Decepticons. (I like nonsensical-sounding names, but atleast his name makes sense.)

Gender: Edit


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