Aliases: Edit

He also goes under 'Stunticon'.

Altmode: Edit

That Speed Racer car. (Mach 5 or whatever)

Appearance: Edit

in robot mode, he has Knock Out's body.

Weaponry: Edit

Many firearms, and his stingers. He also uses two daggers and two cannons that become his boosters.

History: Edit

Speedemon, or Speed Demon, is a Decepticon along with Dragstrip (she was a Decepticon) and Roadwarrior (He also was a Decepticon). He has two thoughts that contradict one another:

  • One: He wants to join the Autobots
  • Two: He doesn't want to betray the Decepticons, he's Loyal.

He later fought Extinction and Barney, and he considers himself the last Stunticon. (though Splurge, Roadking, Lightbend, Skidmarks would disagree, they also see themselves as the last Stunticons, and maybe even Switchblade?)

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, and evil. (although he sometimes helps the Autobots and has a bit of Good in him)

Colorscheme: Edit

White and Red.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


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