History: Edit

The specimen was tested by both Autobot Scientists and Decepticon scientists. They had used anesthesia (or something like it) to keep her asleep. She is insane due to the two sides messing with her body and mind several times.

The specimen was unnamed, and she was angered at both sides. The only allegiance to get to her first were the Decepticons. They had made her a she-beast and she had easily won, though not for long when she was shot down by Elyoria's cannon.

She was knocked out, and remembered being called 'Crosswire' at some point and being a dark blue and black Autobot that transformed into a Bugatti-sort of altmode. At the time, she was very good with lockpicking, getting past surveillance and hacking. She was also a good saboteur. That was all the Specimen remembered. Her body was modified beyond belief and one of the few things that remained were her old Autobot symbol, and her feminine appearance.

The specimen had half-remembered her past, though thought it was someone else's. As Decepticon scientists kept her in a bacta tank-like pod for a while, she was more submissive towards the Decepticons as her anger towards them was repressed and couldn't be shown. They had treated her like a cyberdog.

As she woke back up, Elyoria's 2IC was standing over her body, which she pushed out of the way like a ragdoll. She had then smashed her way out of the base and into the Sun's light. She couldn't escape due to Kzenia stabbing her, and had quickly learned (or relearned) that Decepticons are brutal.

She was caged. She had missed when she was Crosswire, as the Autobots respected her and Decepticons feared her. Decepticons, in her opinion, love toying around with their experiments. Specimen had accidentally sent a beacon to the Autobots which had Flashbee and Sentra swarming in the base and freeing her. As they brought her back to their base, Cramblast had brought her back to normal as Crosswire.

Crosswire had returned to menacing the Decepticons. Flashbee had remembered her faintly, though clearly remembers her as of recently.

Altmode(s): Edit

Bugatti-like car.

Weaponry: Edit

Her engine transforms into a crossbow, and the back of her altmode an arm-shield.

Specialties: Edit

Hacking,sabotage,Surveillance, and lock-picking.

Appearance: Edit

There's kibble in her robot mode, though it is still feminine.

Allegiance: Edit


Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit

Her right optic is permanently damaged, though as for her left, her left optic is a Purplish-blue.

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