Behind the Scenes: Edit

Another alumni. Also her name sounds badass, though one could say it sounds redundant. You could also go for "Screamwave" though it'd sound funny in my honest opinion.

Altmode(s): Edit

Tape deck, jet.

Origins/History: Edit

Soundscream was built from the remains of the deceased Soundwave and Starscream of her respective Universe.

Now, she basically travels around time and space, enjoying her freedom as she wanted to remain neutral.

Weaponry: Edit

Although she is a pacifist, she still uses Screamer's null rays and Wave's shoulder cannon armament.

Gender: Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Red, Blue, and Grey with white. She combines the colorschemes of the Seeker leader, and the spymaster.

Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit


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