Colorscheme: Edit

Red, White, and Blue.

Altmode(s): Edit

4X4 thing.

Weaponry: Edit

Swords and other melee.

Personality and Traits: Edit

He's more of the cowardly sort, which is ironic as fuck because he has this big bruiser body. He also doesn't fit my stereotype, as he only likes swords and some melee, and not clubs, bats,hammers. (the usual) He also doesn't like firearms. He's also the very emotional one and also a bit of a pacifist.

He sees himself as a bit of a protector, having the need to protect the innocent, frail, and maybe the Young.

He's right-handed.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit


History: Edit

He was absent in the battle that took place in the Valley of Death. He and Arcee would face off against Megatron and Red Wing.

Specialties: Edit


Behind the Scenes: Edit

Actually, based off of Ironhide (when it comes to appearance) from the Unicron Trilogy.


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