"I am the greatest Decepticon in the sea, so go tell Pirahnacon and Questionwarp, that traitor to go get bent."

Colorscheme: Edit

Yellow and Blue.

Personality and Traits: Edit

Sky-Byte thinks of himself as a badass Decepticon with explosions behind him, though actually he's not that cool as he thinks.

Weaponry: Edit

Shark Spike/Anchor Arm. It could be also used as a ranged weapon.

In his altmode, he can use his altmode's tail thingy as a pogo stick and jump up into the air then bite things, which is how he got his name.

Altmode(s): Edit


Gender: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Sea Warrior, Demolitions specialist. (not to be confused with Sea Warrior)

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons,Savagicons, Evil.

History: Edit

He fought Wreck-Gar and Skyler. He had blown the Junkion leader up into smithereens, though the Savagicon knew that wasn't the last of him.

Optics: Edit


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