Specialties: Edit

The leader of the Autobots in Classics.

Altmode(s): Edit

Futuristic Truck.

History: Edit

Rodimus would meet Jazzimus, and worry. Rodimus would say:"I'm not here to (accidentally) kill you and usurp your place.." The two would laugh, and then fight Megatron again.

After fighting, Roddy would ask Jazz if he met his Autobots, and then introduce them all to Jazz. Then he'd say that not all of them are here yet.

Rodimus would ask him if this universe had a Wreck-Gar, and then Jazz would correct him and then confirm it.

Jazzimus would transform, rolling off until he found the (other) Autobot Base.

Jazzimus would inform Greenshock that their Galvatron escaped the Shadowzone, and that they've been fighting him all of this time.

Greenshock would get a hold of Placerift and tell her the alarming news.

Meanwhile, Rodimus would be fighting Megatron's other Decepticons. Also, Arcee would be fighting Shockwave and Riverwarp.

After, Rodimus would tell Jazzimus "Give them hell against those hellians.." and then salute him off, holding an Americanian flag. A plebeian out of nowhere would yell "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!"

Colorscheme: Edit

Blue, Green, with some Gold.

He still has his flames, don't worry. (For all of you Genwunners out there that're outraged by Movie Hot Rod. This one's still French, though so go ahead and get it all out.)

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Weaponry: Edit

Those pipes he had on the sides of his wrists. He also uses a rifle and a pizza cutter, and two other pistols. His trailer stuff also transforms, but not into a Combat Deck, but a "Mobile Defense Bay".... And there's no Roller either.

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