Titles: Edit


Personality and traits: Edit

Shoutdown contrasts with his companion, Firearm. As Firearm is an anarchist, Shoutdown is highly political and was in a different political party than Shockwave. (yes, I have a shockwave in my Canon) Shoutdown, if he was a human in real life, would be a Democrat as his political linings would match up with that party. Shoutdown leans towards the left and could be considered like Bernie Sanders. He genuinely cares about the lower and middle class as he originally was in the middle class.

Shoutdown is left-wing, though not too left-wing like Red Alert and Mir-A.

Shoutdown could be considered another Eggs Benedict Arnold as he also switches sides, from Autobot to Decepticon. Though Firearm is a Decepticon loyalist, he reluctantly joins Shoutdown.

Shoutdown is neither evil nor bad and has a sense of Empathy and Sympathy and could be considered one of the Decepticons with humanity in him.

As for the other Decepticons, they see him as a problem due to the fact that he was a senator before the war and had to do with Cybertronian Politics.

Allegiance: Edit

For now, a decepticon. Also, Good.

Colorscheme: Edit

Mostly bright red with some light grey and black.

Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of car mode.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Although all traces of Cybertronian Society are gone now, he is still good when it comes to politics and has no real Function in the Great War and the wars that came from it.

Weaponry: Edit

He uses a cannon reverse-engineered from top Autobot scientists, and also a rifle that,too, is reverse-engineered. His other weapons are a standard pistol and two missiles that are shoulder-mounted.

History: Edit

I can't think of a history for him right now, either.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

I've even made a feminist character and now a left-leaning character (Shoutdown.) So much stuff with politics.

Allies: Edit

Companion(s): Edit

  • Firearm, as noted. It was hard for him to 'tame' Firearm as the two oppose each other with their ideals.

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