Character: Edit

Early life: Edit

When she was born, her parents could sense she had Superpowers.. They tried to feed her stuff to hold her back so that she wouldn't use them, or even know she had them. The Government knew of Super-powered people, and had a thing to where they couldn't have kids or even date. (kinda like The Incredibles) She grew up without even knowing, until History Class when she heard of Thema Nagasama, and accidently burnt her desk. Some minutes after, in Gym, when they all had to run, she accidentally used her speed powers and ran waaaaaaaaay faster than everyone.

After: Edit

When the bell rang, she took her stuff, walked out and saw a cat hanging on a tree. She tried to grab the cat, but instead used her Elastic powers, and actually got the cat down and gave it back to the Old Lady. She walked home, and told her parents what happened... Her parents got mad and called the Government. The government (well, a bunch of CIA guys) came in, busted down the door, and shot her with tranqulizer darts. They threw her in a black van, and drove to an Unknown State. She woke up in a Black Building with no windows. A random CIA guy tortured her and tried to get her powers, as the US and Russia were in a war due to Thema killing Reagan. She burned the man alive, then used her elastic powers and stretched her arms, and choked another man who heard the man screaming in pain. She took his keys, and unlocked her arms and legs from the chair. She walked in the hallway, and saw a man, a man who later would be known as The Freezer, and freed him too. Some more years later, she led a rebellion against the Government which went into a Civil War. She thought back to when she saved that cat, then saw some soldiers in the rebellion, and could tell they wanted to do good stuff, but perverted good stuff (which is Evil if you know the twisted version of Good) So, she wanted to do good... She watched many movies (back when being a superhero/villain was fiction in itself), and thought having an Alter-Ego was weird.

Powers: Edit

Elasticity, Fire, Speed.

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Alignment: Edit

Good, though against the Government.