History: Edit

When she was young, she broke shattered her mom's Novaium vase. Sharra, in her teenage years, would see the battles and conflicts of the Transformers. Sharra would eventually find a piece of Cybertronian jewelry that would somehow make her like them. (since she was tired of being in Perpetual fear of being squished by them) She met Plate, Lamp, and Table, three robots-who-passed-as-humans that fought beside the Autobots and were on the side of Good.

Sharra would eventually think every car she saw was a Transformer (the Paranoia and probably Insanity got to her), so she stopped wearing the Jewelry, and went to a Psychiatrist. (yes, I know I spelled that wrong). The Psychiatrist cured her with that and she went back to wearing the bracelets.

Appearance: Edit

She wore the Cybertronian bracelets on her right wrist.

She also wore Altrium rings on both hands.

Her fingernails were painted green.

She also wore sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, but wore short shorts.

She also wore Sneakers.

Her hair color is Black, but with some Pink.

Her eyes were Yellow.

Allegiance: Edit

Good and Autobots later on.

(Formerly neutral..)

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