Personality and Traits: Edit

Sentra is also very cheerful. She is very much a pacifist and wouldn't like to harm anything. She would rather drive around than participate in the Wars.

She is left-handed.

Colorscheme: Edit

A ruby red.

Altmode(s): Edit

Some sort of sports car. Her altmode is very comfy for human beings and also for human-sized species. Her altmode is very silent (despite its radio and its custom speakers).

Her altmode is very common so she cannot stand out (which she wants in the first place!).

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, Good.

Weaponry: Edit

Sentra utilizes numerous shields, and has shields built into her body-frame. She also uses numerous firearms, which are all also concealed in her frame. Her (right) arm has a (small-ish) cannon on it, and her hands can transform into cannons. All of her weapons are silent. (not suppressed by the way, SILENT.) She also carries a long spiked and jagged red sword and a pick-axe which can cut through (almost) anything.

Even though she's pacifistic, she can and will defend herself, though she's not always on the defensive.

Specialties: Edit

Infiltration, Sabotage, and scouting.

Gender: Edit


History: Edit

Sentra was just driving around, one day, when, she got attacked by Xhesha and Cyberwarp. Her shields blocked off the laser-shots, and she then transformed and sliced through their chests (but not through their sparks and not fatal) and then shot them.

She and Empara were flying and driving around when Prime commed them and said they had to go inside a decepticon base and steal information.

It is known that they were successful.

Optics: Edit


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