Altmode(s): Edit

He transforms into another Half-tracked vehicle. For the combiner, he transforms into the left arm. (I wanted to do something different, all leaders of groups transform into the Chest)

Traits and Personality: Edit

He's more of a thinker than a fighter (though not in a Science-y way.) though he took command of the group after most of the Autobots left Cybertron (again and again, probably the 9th time) and he saw a few survivors. After protecting the Enigma of Combination (an IDW relic, I guess. I don't like IDW but I have a soft spot for relics that sound important), and being around it so long, the survivors and him had the ability to combine. They became a group after a few decades. (yes, this is probably a long time after 2037, lots and lots of Autobots and Decepticons have died as said in C-01) (or maybe I'm trying to put my realm in the same place as the rest of the canon and also just overthinking.)

Weaponry: Edit

Shoulder-mounted missile launcher, blaster pistol, Wrist-blade.

Color Scheme: Edit

Red, Grey, Blue.

Allegiance: Edit


Gender: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Leading the Parting Group.

History: Edit

He attacked Observer alongside Aleronia and Salvo.

Optics: Edit


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