Behind the Scenes: Edit

Yes, I know her name is Beyonce's alter ego. Now stick with me.

History/bio: Edit

She is a feminine version of "Him" from my stuff on Transfanon, and basically represents all (actual) evil in the mixedbag Realm. She was born after the God of Randomness and Weirdness created the Mixedbag realm (or Universe, though it could be a Omniverse because its random as shit) She is actually evil and not our definition of evil, which is someone with good intentions who accidentally does something bad, like create an "Inator" (like Dr.Doofensmirtz) or Genocide. (which is actually evil)

And did I mention she has a daughter?

Abilities: Edit

Lots of stuff, like shapeshifting.

It's known she's immune to knockout gas(es). (It makes sense because she'd be an evil God... ((I know, it's "goddess" but Idfc, and also because I didn't make a good Goddess character yet, well, besides Lady Pegasus.)))

Appearance: Edit

Long, jet-black hair. Also purple lipstick, and long nails. (Goth is always the villain look, mostly)