Behind the Scenes: Edit

Her name is based off of "Tara Strong".

She has some things from Heroines like Wonder Woman.

Also,I'm not scared to really make Superheroes and Super-heroines anymore. I was scared because I don't make Human characters that much, I'm used to making Transformers.

Weaponry: Edit

Shield, Lasso/Whip, Sword. She is a swordsman, and also a Shielder.

History: Edit

She had lots of fears, one being a fear of public speaking (Speeches), and she also suffered from peeing on herself in fear. Some of those, she had gotten over of. She was very heroic and inspiring. (much like Jazzimus is..) She didn't like the idea of a secret identity.

Appearance/Wardrobe thingy: Edit

She wore a tiara sometimes,but sometimes shown her skin, but covered herself up a bit (not like those Middle Eastern women..)

Body: Edit

She looked Athletic, but not like a human Chicken Nugget. Sometimes she was skinny, but not malnourished.

She also wore her hair in many different ways.

Abilities: Edit

She had lots of powers, some she didn't know about.

Heritage thingy/race thingy: Edit

All-Americanian/American woman.

Hair color: Edit

Varies also.

Eye color: Edit

Also varies, sometimes Blue, Green, Brown.

Allegiance: Edit


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