Information: Edit

Safetycons are basically drones that are colored in the "Safety" colorscheme. They are Decepticons that are used by Thomastrain. Safetycons usually transform into Cranes, and use their crane hook-things as weapons, though they are also seen using their rifles, and swords as weapons. They were notably based off of the Vehicons (that were a myth, like Jazzimus, though they had some random Vehicons in that realm.) (Yes, I'm talking about Sadie, notably.)

Gender: Edit

Male, notably, and females of this type are kinda rare.

History: Edit

Alonia got captured by them.

They were used alot by the Decepticons, and were seen everywhere, but suffered from "G1" Syndrome, meaning they stayed in their altmode, or stood around in the background, behind other Decepticons.

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, Actual evil.