Origins: Edit

Unlike everything in Mixedbag, she originates from the Transformers universe. ( or multiverse, but still) She somehow got in the Mixedbag universe (which is a mixedbag itself, since it's made up of many universes and stuff, it's considered to be bigger than both Marvel and DC universes combined, and hopefully Thanos doesn't exist here) She also is a bit of a Feminist and Social Justice Warrior, which is why her name is "SJWstorm".

She gets triggered by the fact that fembots, like Arcee, are pink, and also by the fact that Fembots are Damsels in Distress.

Appearance: Edit

Seeker, obviously.

Color Scheme: Edit


Quotes: Edit

"You're a racist! You're a sexist! You're a bigot! You're a Hypocrite! You're a misogynist!"
"Girl power!"

Weaponry: Edit

Quips, putdowns, insults, she also uses her Null-rays. (typical seeker weaponry.. well besides the quips thing)

Allegiance: Edit

It is unknown which side she would take if she didn't find her way in this multiverse, but I'll say neutral in the grand scheme of things.

Gender: Edit

Female programming.

Optics: Edit


Altmode(s): Edit

Tetrajet, Cybertronian Jet, Jet.

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