"Rust:Effective Immediately."

Allegiance: Edit

More of a Chaotic Neutral guy. (and no, I'm not fucking using the Dungeons and Dragons alignment. Jazzimus wouldn't fit on that alignment and most of my characters like Happyshoe and Larsoe wouldn't fit.)

He wouldn't fit as a Decepticon, but would either go Independent or support Unicron-types of people. He's only a Decepticon since there's stuff to gain from it and it looked like the Decepticons were winning. He almost always wants to be on the winning team. He also doesn't really agree with the Decepticons's ideals nor the Autobots.

Altmode(s): Edit

Futuristic Motorcycle of the 23rd century..

Weaponry: Edit

When I created this guy, I wanted him to be like Oil Slick from Transformers:Animated, so I gave him like a Rust cannon, but I also gave him a trident.

Gender: Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Beige and White. (G2 Rusty would be like Red and Brown with Purple maybe.)

Specialties: Edit

Rust Warrior.

History: Edit

Rustspike would fight Lifeline and Flashbee, the rust would get to Flashy's arm, and he'd have to retreat. Jazzimus and Carsurge saw this and were shocked.

Carsurge would look around for a cure to Cosmic Rust, and see it, spraying the rest of Flashy with it and then rebuild another arm for him.

Jazzimus would swoop down and shoot at Rustspike, then turn into his Golden form. Rustspike would throw his trident at him, missing Jazz.

Behind the Scenes: Edit

I would've created this guy the same time when I created that other Chaotic Neutral dude that was an Autobot.

There's like a Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil and like... True Neutral.. Most of my characters would suit the 'Chaotic Evil' branding, but some are just tricksters that love deceiving folks and that's why they're Decepticons. And I try not to make Jazzimus predictable as he's not based on an archetype that's in the Media.. I don't see the 'Everyman' character all the time.

I'm going to mark this guy as a Decepticon anyways.

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