Altmode(s): Edit

Chevrolet Suburban.

Colorscheme: Edit

Lapis Lazuli and Eggplant with some black.

Weaponry: Edit

Being a triggercon, he has alot of firearms on him.

Allegiance: Edit

Decepticons, and Bad.

Optics: Edit


Aliases: Edit

Sometimes, he's confused with his brother Crankcase who's the leader of the Dreads.

Gender: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Raidenzaru's second-in-command and also the leader if Raiden was absent.

History: Edit

Ruckus was present during the first half of the battle and what began it but would take a strategic retreat alongside Demolisher.

Ruckus would fight the other Arcee until Oncordus appeared and would scare him off.

Ruckus and Jackal would fight Ratchet (Whenever Jackal appears, sometimes there's Mistress Death.) and the medic would die to Ruckus' cannons.

Jazzimus would be weeping for the death of Fairlady, and would cross her name off of the list of surviving Autobots. Flashbee would try to cheer him up, but the grenadier would fail and leave Jazz's room.

Jazz would look at pictures of Elikeila that he had, they somewhat cheering him up.

Golfball would open the door, and tell him how it was nice fighting alongside him and how to not give up which would fully cheer the Autobot leader up.