History: Edit

Ravager was used many times by Soundwave in missions, and was Soundwave's favored minion.

He was seen when Placerift and her decepticons attacked Galvatron and Soundblaster alongside Kirbycron's servants, then was caught in one of Tetralinker's traps. Jazzimus Prime then killed him by slashing him into two pieces. It is known Lazerblast survived, but unknown if the two others did.

It is also unknown if he had a Russian accent.

Appearance: Edit

He looked the same as his Gen 1 self.

Weaponry: Edit

Those two side-guns he had.

Allegiance: Edit

Obvious at this point.

Gender: Edit


Altmode(s): Edit

Jaguar (the car he transformed into in Alternity), data-disk.

Specialties: Edit

Many, but also Soundwave's hound.