Rad and Snare are a Runamuck and Runabout from another universe (or Runamuck and Runabout are a Rad and Snare in some universes). They travel universes and have hijinxs (sic). Jazzimus had encountered them, and said Snare reminded him of Makeshift. They are of many factions, but last time they were Chaotic Neutrals that worked for Pac-Tron.

They were decepticons, but had rub symbols until they came across Animated Megatron who branded them. They assisted those decepticons until Endgame happened, which they fled like yellow scumbags. They would appear in Transformers:Prime (Aligned) but their cloakers had made it appear as if they were random Vehicons. They managed to survive, but until Snare met Predaking. Predaking had almost killed Snare but Rad patched his brother up.

Rad would fight Ultimate, and would almost die again.

Transformers: Beast Wars Uprising: Edit

The two were Sasha Fierce's 'enforcers', basically like cops instead Sasha is warped herself and doesn't really understand innocence. The two had almost died to Crackers, but would meet Vanquish which patched them back up. They had enough of the realm and went to a realm where the Warsaw Pact was strong.

Altmode(s): Edit

Cars of some sort.

Gender: Edit

Male. (Female in some universes)

Weaponry: Edit

They mostly favor ranged weaponry, though.

Colorscheme: Edit

Different in almost every universe they're in, but they're black and white.

Optics: Edit


Specialties: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

As said, many.