Traits/Personality: Edit

Prowler is plagued with many a mental problem. (keeping that with the Prowler I've made on the Transfanon Wiki.)

Weaponry: Edit

Many blasters, a sword, and two battle hooks.

Specialties: Edit

Bounty Hunter.

Allegiance: Edit

Unknown, mostly an Autobot.

Colorscheme: Edit

Yellow, Red and with some black and blue.

Altmode(s): Edit

Animated Lockdown's altmode.

Optics: Edit


Gender: Edit


History: Edit

He flew to the other unknown planet, and fought the White Shockwave. Jazzimus, Barney, and Flashbee outnumbered him, which he gave up trying to kill Cramwave. He later fought Violetfeather and Sehria, the two 'Whichevers'.

Appearance: Edit

I used that 'Bludgeon' pic, so if anyone can re-find it, go ahead and put it back here. He uses the Animated Lockdown body. (nvm, I found it myself but I couldn't upload it here for some reason and when I tried to, I accidentally came to the Transfanon wiki. lmao -_- for anyone who accidentally comes there, avert ye eyes and try not to find my profile there. Ye have been warned!!!!)

Behind the Scenes: Edit

Yes, I still have a hatred for that wiki ever since Darthfishie tried to rule over it. (And I'm going to keep calling him 'Darthfishie', just a sort of nickname/Pet name I've cleverly made.)

I feel like they did with that Berlin Wall mess, and also with the Iron Curtain mess from the Cold War.

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