History: Edit

Prowl's the librarian. He also loves reading, which is why he does his job. He also thinks Silence (No, not her.) is golden, and gets pretty angry when someone is making a ruckus in the building, or nearby. Basically the stereotypical one.

He witnessed a brawl with Lavablade and Jazzimus. They had slashed up some of Prowl's shelves, causing Prowl to yell at them regardless of their allegiance and statuses.

He also saw Axalon smash through half of the library and fight Sky-Byte, which he yelled at them too.

He would try to get the Constricticons, a construction group that had a snake theme, to rebuild the entire library. He watched a duel take place outside, with Pheniah and Soundwave. He saw Grenjet and Wingsoar (loudly) talking about a book, but sighed and didn't correct them.

He would leave his library, but when he took this stroll, he saw lots of blown-up corpses. Like Hot Shot and Ricochet,Stepper. He felt sad, and would weaponize the library by adding a bunch of explosive weaponry and also try to bomb-proof it. He wasn't that affected by Terrorism, but that had made him think for a second there.

Altmode(s): Edit

An owl.

Weaponry: Edit

None, as he was a ninja in his youth and had learned martial arts.

Allegiance: Edit

Somewhat neutral. He doesn't really care about factions, or has the time to fight when he's trying to do his job.

Optics: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Not much.

Gender: Edit


Colorscheme: Edit

Orange, gray and green.

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