Weaponry: Edit

Drills that replace his hands, and also a sword. He stores his sword in what would be his tank's barrel in robot mode as that would be his back.

Altmode(s): Edit

Debating whether I should make him transform into another gun, or a Drill. Or maybe just a fucking Tank.. yes, a Tank. Tankformers are rare in this day-and-age on this website.

Gender: Edit

Male. (I'm thinking of getting rid of the Gender heading since it's obvious because I'm referring to him by the Male pronoun, like I just did.) I disagree with people saying Gender and Sex aren't the same thing...

Colorscheme: Edit

Green and Black.

Optics: Edit


Allegiance: Edit

Trying not to do what I did last time and forget a character's allegiance. He's a Decepticon, and a Evil one at that.

History: Edit

He had fought Smokescreen and then Redcoat later, after the battle of Death Valley.

He would fight Endurance and Jazzimus, Jazzimus winning in this duel, but Endurance would submit defeat at Powerdrive's hand.

He would later encounter the devious Jackal, but at this time, alongside Khan.

Jazzimus would fight the three, but then kill Khan by his sword.

Powerdrive would try to use his drills and plunge them into Jazz's chest, but this would fail. Jazzimus would laugh maniacally, as if he were his evil side, and then take out the Matrix of Leadership.

This purple talisman then shot out a white light at him which critically wounded the aggressor.

Jazz would then put it back, and fly off, saying:"The decepticons don't care.. they don't care about you.. Megatron doesn't give a rat's ass about what he could do with you.."

Powerdrive would bust out crying, and then try to retreat.

Red Wing would see him crying, and laugh in his face. He would then tell him to hold onto his back-wings, and Powerdrive would. Red Wing would fly in robot mode until he saw Megatron and Shrapnel. Megatron would say:"We don't have a medic yet, so we have to use the Decepticons of this realms' medic. Megatron would contact Elyoria. Elyoria would say:"How in the Void did you find this frequency, and why?" Megatron would tell her that one of their soldiers were injured fatally. Elyoria would then send their medic over.

You can guess what happened next.

Specialties: Edit

Underground soldier and specialist when it comes to fighting there, and also trench warfare.

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