Pluseriah is a goddess and a friend of Jazzimus. Pluseriah is depicted either as just wearing a long or short skirt. She has either blue or pink hair.

Pluseriah and Jazzimus had a mutual friend, Primal the Great. She was already in the Cloud Cuckoo realm before Jazzimus and the others escaped their Universes. She was the one who posed a significant threat to Sasha and The Dark One, though without The Dark One in the way, the forces of Good can prevail in this realm and push back Evil again.

Pluseriah isn't a native of this realm, but she was a native of the conglomerate of the realms and universes. As for other allies, Plus is friends with Numonia and most of the gods and goddesses in this realm.

Plus likes to maintain her neutrality though she hugely supports the Autobots and Maximals. She is always going to be somewhat neutral due to the forces that be in this realm (Sasha basically controls this realm and her word became law overtime.), also due to the fact that she is very unsure of taking a side.

She has a pretender shell in the form of Medusa and also could take Cybertronian form.

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