Altmode(s): Edit

He's made up of even gaudier vehicles. Although he looks like Generation 1 Bruticus in robot mode, he's made up of:

  • A pickup truck.
  • Some sort of sports car.
  • A Jeep Wrangler.
  • Some stock car.
  • A jet.

These five don't transform and are kinda like drones he controls, except they don't have sentience either. So he's kinda like Synthos Seven Sentry. (Which is based off of Darthfishie's Devil Satan Six.)

Weaponry: Edit

A pistol, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. However, he just uses his neon appearance or his brutish strength to harm people.

Allegiance: Edit

Predacons, Evil and Bad.

History: Edit

He is not Copbot. Also, he would've fought the Cop-bot (no pun intended) alongside Sky-Byte. He encountered the Seven Sisters and slaughtered most of their nameless members and generics in a rage. Moonslipper was crying, but was scared of the giant gaudy Bruticus so she couldn't do anything. She couldn't even defend her group and challenge him because she was so terrified and also sad, very saddened. Painbow did a Gorlak and laughed a very hearty laugh before stomping off.

Jessanicah (Her name is simply too long, and I regret it..) would try to fight Painbow, but Painbow just smashed her into the electronic ground.

Jazzimus had saw this giant monstrosity as a demon and a monster, but also a bully. Jazzimus had the courage to face him after he returned from other universes. Jazzimus jumped up and slashed Painbow's arm off. The arm that wielded his pistol, exactly. (Which was his left arm.) Crackers, the Squire would then attack him with his umbrella weapon, now in the form of a sword.

Blackarachnia would then be fighting a swarm of Vehicons, and also Soundwave. After straight pummeling these drones, she would focus on Soundwave. Soundwave had just shot these waves of sounds at her, which malfunctioned and either simply did nothing or it had just strengthened her.

Jazzimus would try to cheer up Jess, and the entire time while doing so, he called her 'Jessie'. Jess started to return to happiness, but would join Moonslipper since the two were both mad at Painbow.

Colorscheme: Edit

Just bright colors and atrocious colors, maybe like some orange, salmon and green with yellow.

Gender: Edit


Optics: Edit


Specialties: Edit

Predacons' equivalent of Streamwave, just this big-ass wall that tires enemies.