History: Edit

Onyx Green was a targetmaster and 'Triple Changer' who appeared in G1. Her partner was Powercoil who transformed into her pistol as she wasn't big on firearms, and Jazzimus said it could help her and she could also do with the partnership. She immediately fought Galvatron, Misfire, and Triggerhappy alongside Veil. She later fought Quake, Vera, and Skipjack, then later Katana.

After the G1 eras (Victory, etc), she'd become a Maximal and choose a Porcupine as her altmode. Then when Jazzimus started to go call himself 'Reptilus Prime' and change his body-type after reformation, she changed her altmode into a Mole, though keeping her partner, Powercoil as she had gotten used to him.

Powercoil's bio: Edit

Powercoil was happy to work with Onyx Green, even if she didn't want him and she wasn't one for people. He stayed along her through T H I C C-and-thin. In his pistol altmode, he also gives her all positives, powering her up and helping Onyx fight Decepti-creeps.

Psionic Energy: Edit

She always had this ability. It could be used to create things out of it, heal, and etc.

Transformers-A: Edit

She and Vera'd join Jazzimus' new Autobots and his old Autobots against Elyoria and her allies. She'd now be considered a Savagicon. She also would've fought the former 'Soundblaster' and Scavenger.

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