"You, Megatron, deserve your arcane judgement and your fate. Maybe the same goes for Placerift, we will see in the Future."

Colorscheme: Edit

Olive and a military green.

Altmode(s): Edit


Personality and traits: Edit

He is a very angry one. He very much is a seething cauldron of anger since he had seen an extreme amount of carnage, death and doom around him, his allies and friends being massacred to Decepticons, Predacons and Unicron/Quintessons/Vok. He is not to be messed with. Although he is angry, he's stoic at the same time. Due to his past, he's very much a loner and sees himself as an outcast and exile. He basically is like an angsty teenager as he thinks the world doesn't understand him and his nature. He probably would get along with Predaking, but would also hate his guts. In battle, he has lots of demons and they come out when he's slaying in the battlefield.

Weaponry: Edit

He uses both ranged and melee, but he mostly likes to use swords, hammers, other melee stuff.

Specialties: Edit

Swordplay, leading, and breaking defenses.

He is also used as a superweapon by the five Autobots as they desperately try to defeat Megatron, and then later when the two factions try to defeat Kirbycron, the Savagicons, and the other Megatron.

Optics: Edit

Usually blood red.

Allegiance: Edit

Autobots, usually but he has more of a relation to the Maximals and Futurons.

History: Edit

Oncordus would reveal himself once again only to fight Dragocon alongside Wingsoar and Touchdown. Then, another time to aid Jazzimus against Dark Disturbance and Elyoria. And again to aid Sizzling Hot Rodimus against Jackal and Redwing.

Then again against Schism and Sky-Byte alongside Revonitus and Flashbee. Oncordus and VioletStrike would fight Greaselander.

Oncordus, Moonscourge and Syncremist would fight Rustspike and Xhesha.

I think I'm cramming almost every character in here.

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